Brandywine, MD

Faircourt Hunter Ponies and Twin Oak Farm are proud to have been a part of the career of each and every pony listed below! Keep making us proud! Please visit our "For Sale" or "Nursery" page to select your next champion!
A Big Thank You to Kathryn Southard of Pony Prints Plus Photography and Stargleam Farm for the beautiful photographs pictured on our website. Kathryn's ponies are also in training with Margaret Redman and can be seen at Twin Oak Farm:

   (Starlit Hills Sundown x Knee High)
        Now Showing as Colorful Scenario
(Foxmor Starstruck x Kee Lees Diamond Tiara
                  Bred by Margaret Redman
                   OL Foxie Lady
   (Foxmor Starstruck x My Painted Lady)
             Bred by Carol Burress
        (Hilin Peredur x Alotta Style
         Bred by Margaret Redman
                       Way Cool
      (Coldplay x FM Early Easter)
        Bred by Margaret Redman
  (Hilin Peredur x Cymraeg Curtain Call)
              Bred by Margaret Redman
     (Hilin Peredur x Alotta Style)
       Bred by Margaret Redman
                  Faircourt Vegas Baby
  Now Showing as Faircourt's Lightening Thief
       (Otteridge Foxtrot x Raja's Darlin')
                    Bred by Abby Spanu
         (Pengywn x Another Won)
            Bred by Emily Hacker
                      PS I Love You
        (Otteridge Foxtrot x As Always)
           Bred by Kathryn Southard
                      Right as Rain
        (Pengwyn x Cymraeg Applause)
            Bred by Kathryn Southard
      (Foxmor Starstruck x Alotta Style)
            Bred by Margaret Redman
                   Foxmor Blueprint
    (Sugarbrook Blue Pacific x Hip Pocket)
              Bred by Karen Williams
                            Screen Kiss
         (Small Land Movie Maker x Tara)
              Bred by Kathryn Southard
       (Pengwyn x Severn Happy Talk)
                Bred by Emily Hacker
                    Feathers McGraw
            (Pengwyn x Executive Pet)
                Bred by Emily Hacker
(Saint Sandro x FM Early Easter)
Bred by Margaret Redman
(Wisewood Mister Fizzle x Overjoyed
Bred by Pat Wise
Huge congratulations to Ella and Faircourt's Lightning Thief for a great showing at Zone 3 Championships! We are so incredibly proud of you!